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Tripoli Research Launches at SEARS

We will likely begin Tripoli Research Launches in the near future when launch dates are approved.  Chris Short, the TRA 38 Prefect, is the Research Launch coordinator.  Research launches will not be on the same date as a regular SEARS Launch. All reseach launch activities shall comply with the Tripoli Research Code. Otherwise, the TRA insurance would not apply.  TRA members Level 2 or above are allowed to fly. They can also fly commercial motors. SEARS non-TRA members are welcome to observe from the flight line.  Do not bring non-members to the research launches unless coordinated with Chris.  Of course regular SEARS launches are open to everyone and newcomers are welcome. Kendall Brent makes his own research motors and and can fill you in. SEARS does not recommend making motors unless you are TRA Level 2 and consult TRA members participating in reseach launches. There are classes available. As with any of our activities we must do them safely and not do anything to damage the farm or get a negative response from the owner of the sod farm!

Note: John Hansel will handle the FAA waivers for research launches.  There will be minimal launch equipment and the porta-a-potty will not be serviced.

Greg Lane

SEARS President

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