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The SEARS Sept 8th Launch in Samson is a GO

The no burn alert for Geneva County is lifted. So the SEARS Samson launch can go ahead. Thanks to John Hansel and Marty Wiggins for checking into this.

The event for Sept 8th will be combined Cluster and Drag Race Day. Fly a cluster or drag race a friend (use a green flight card) and be entered to pick a prize from the prize pool. The event ends at 3PM. Equipment setup is at 8:30 and waiver opens at 9:00.

Note that we will have visitors including Civil Air Patrol from Dothan and 4H from Samson. Please help them as to how to enjoy our launch safely. This is the time for group leaders, teachers and students to get started with Team America Rocketry Challenge.

If it has been a while since you were able to attend this is a good opportunity. Sorry I’ll not be there. John Hansel will handle the prize pool and collect the range fees. If there are any last minute issues for the launch pass them on to John Hansel.

Note: Range fees support club activities including maintenace of the range gear and the port-a-potty. They are $10 for fliers over 19 years of age. If you are unable to get to the launch before 12:30 we will give you a break pay $5. SEARS does not clear much money after the port-a-potty fee. So donations are accepted and appreciated. Donations to SEARS can be added to the range fee if you like.


Greg Lane

SEARS President

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