High Power Saturn V


2nd stage:

1. Use the 1" wide reinforcing ring provided with the kit to make a coupler for the 2nd stage and install it, with half in the 2nd stage and half protruding out from the bottom of the 2nd stage. It gives more than enough width for a coupler. When glue has set, test fit the 1st and 2nd stages together to check the fit. If it's too tight, just sand slightly until it barely holds stages together.

2a. Cut 5, 18mm engine mount tubes 11.75" long. Do not install engine blocks at this time. Install all 5 tubes into the 2 remaining centering rings, making sure they are all flush and even at the bottom. When they have all set, glue an engine block 1/2" down into the top of the center engine tube only, to act as a seat for the 3rd stage engine, same as we did with the 1st stage to 2nd stage engines. Then drill a 1/4" vent hole through both sides of center tube just below the top engine block seat.

2b. Install 2nd stage cluster mount in 2nd stage main bt and push it all the way down, until the bottom of the engine tubes are flush with the bottom of the coupler. Use scotch tape to temporarily hold the mount in place. If all is done correctly, the top of the 2nd stage engine tubes should be flush with the bottom of coupler and recessed 1.5" from the top of 2nd stage, leaving just enough room for the 3rd stage shoulders to seat on, allowing all 3 stages to stack making it appear that the rocket is all one piece.

3a. Making an 18mm engine spacer. On a spent 18mm engine casing, make a mark at 1 & 7/8ths" and draw a circle around the engine casing. Place an engine block into one of the engine tubes and use the spacer to push it in to position. This should leave 7/8ths" of the engine hanging out of the tube. Cement engine block in place and repeat until all 5 engine blocks have been installed in the 2nd stage tubes and allow to set.

3b. If all has been done correctly, when the 1st and 2nd stages are joined, the engines of the 2nd stage should seat 1/4" into top of 1st stage engine tubes and rest on the top set of engine blocks of the first stage.

3c. Test fit everything several times. To test fit, install the 1st stage cluster mount and screw it tight but be careful not to over torque and strip the holes. Then place 18mm engines in all five 2nd stage tubes and fully mate the 1st and 2nd stages together. Since the engines are sticking well out of the tubes, you will be able to see that they are inserted properly together, as the 2 stages are mated. When the 2 stages are fully mated, check the outside of main body tubes to make sure all tunnels and wrap seams are correctly aligned. If needed, turn the 2nd stage main bt while holding cluster mounts stationary and together, until all seams and tunnels align. When this is done, note and mark the correct depth for 2nd stage cluster mount inside of bt and then carefully separate the stages.

3d. Finally, cement top and bottom centering rings of 2nd stage in place and remove scotch tape.

4. Dual chute recovery: Install 2, 12" parachutes in 2 of the outside engine tubes, on opposite sides.

5. Install 2nd stage inter stage wrap flush with the bottom of 2nd stage bt, leaving the 1/2" of coupler uncovered. Then install upper 2nd stage wrap.

6a. Draw and cut 4 fins from 1/8th balsa sheet, same shape and approximate size as 1st stage fins. Fins: Root edge is 2". The bottom or base, extends 1.75" out from the side. End of fin is .75" Slope from top or leading edge of fin to bottom is 2". Sand as with any set of fins.

6b. Beginning at the bottom of 2nd stage wrap, mark 4 equal distant places and extend a pencil line upward 2" Cut a slit 1/8" wide along the line, down to the bt, but not through it. The idea here is to glue the fin directly to the 2nd stage bt, using the 2nd stage bottom wrap as a shoulder to brace and hold the fins. Make sure the fins are aligned exactly with the 1st stage fins, as though they are stacked.

7. Drill 4, 5/8" vent holes, equal distances around the 2nd stage bt, 3" from top of 2nd stage.

NOTE: Second stage weight completed and fully prepped is 9.1 oz. and uses 1, B6-0 booster and 4, B4-2 engines. Thrust Finder says that equals 5.6 lbs of thrust or 62.5% of an E motor.