High Power Saturn V


This review assumes you will be using the complete Estes 2001 or 2157 kit as a base, with a full set of Estes instructions and that you have previously built some type of level 4 kit. You can build per Estes instructions for most of the kit but you will need some additional parts for either of the cluster versions and the additional instructions below. To make sense of this, please read all instructions through completely and examine all drawings and photos before starting construction. Building either of the Saturn V's will not be a problem for an experienced builder but I do not recommend them for a first timer.

Extra Parts needed that are not included in the Estes kit:

10 - 18mm engine mount tubes for all 3 stages

15 - Engine blocks for all 3 stages, including extra engine blocks to be used as "engine seats" for next stage.

1- Bt-60 tube

2 - 12" Chutes.

1 - 3 ounce round lead fishing weight for capsule and a small amount of modelers clay to fill air gaps.

2 - Small picture wall hangers, for removable 1st stage engine mount.

4 - Small # 4 x 3/8" sheet metal screws for 1st stage engine mount.

2 - Centering rings for the third stage engine mount. We made ours from scrap balsa.

2 - Small eye hooks for chute anchors.

1 Sheet of 1/8" balsa for cutting additional fins for 2nd & 3rd stages, enough to make 4 fins for each stage.

NOTE: The reference to "per instructions" means per the Estes instructions, provided in the 2001 / 2157 kit.

Both of these versions of the Saturn V can be built from these instructions. It just depends on how far you want to take it. For the "Rocket Babe" 5 engine version, just build per instructions and use the 5 engine cluster mount from the 1st stage instructions, for "Bad Girl." Complete the rest of the kit per Estes directions. You can fly Rocket Babe with either: 1 D12-3 & 4 A8-3 OR 1 D12-5 & 4 C6-5. Just make sure to keep all the delays the same.