High Power Saturn V

The following construction article was provided by Randy and Verna DeArman from Birmingham, Alabama. You can tell by the photographs that this is a demanding project, but is well worth the efforts. Enjoy!

Welcome to our version of HPR Estes style.

Saturn V 5 engine cluster "Rocket Babe"

Saturn V 3 stage 5-5-1 "Bad Girl"

The Saturn V has been my favorite rocket since the first time I saw one about 1966. My dad worked for NASA during the Apollo program and I got to know the vehicle quite well as a kid. Verna & I had wanted to build a 3 stage Saturn V for some time but we knew we needed to do some R&D of our own before we could be successful. We started by building several of the Estes Saturn V kits beginning with the single D engine version. Then we built a 5 engine cluster named "Rocket Babe" and finally a full 3 stager, with a 5 to 5 to 1 engine set up named "Bad Girl." Bad Girl features a removable engine cluster mount for the 1st stage.

Unlike most Estes type rockets, Bad Girl was not built for speed or altitude, our primary goal was to build a fully functional 3 stage Saturn V with a 5-5-1 engine set up, that could be launched, recovered and flown repeatedly.

For those of you that may be thinking about building your first Saturn V, there is a wealth of information on the EMRR web site listed as a feature article by Jim Stuckman. The article is loaded with comments and tips from many experienced flyers from the RMR newsgroup. I strongly suggest that every first time Saturn V builder, visit the site and download the article before you start your build.