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SEARS Sept 8th Launch Report

SEARS 572 held its monthly launch on Sept 8, 2007.
The temperatures were warm. They climbed into the low 90s, but the humidity was not too bad. The winds were higher than forecast. They peaked out between 10 and 15 mph.

The event was cluster and drag race day. We had several entries and John Stein won the prize drawing.
It was great to see he and Sherry back at a launch.

Jack Kale was the most frequent flier with 11.

Kendall Brendt had the biggest flight of the day with his
Gas Passer on a J144.

We had visitors from Midland City Civil Air Patrol. They made several launches on Estes Generic E2X and Estes Snitches.

Pictures can be seen here.

Videos are up here.

The final totals are as follows:

Flight Stats for Launch Date = 2007-09-08
Impulse Class Qty
A 10
B 21
C 21
D 12
E 3
F 11
G 6
H 4
I 2
J 1

One Stage Two Stage Three Stage Total
Non Cluster 75 2 0 77
Cluster 12 0 0 12
Total 87 2 0 89

Total Flights: 89
Total Flyers: 15

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