SEARS 572 July 30th, 2005 Launch Report

The Southeast Alabama Rocketry Society held a launch on July 30th 2005 at Samson, AL. This launch was originally scheduled for July 9th but was postponed because of Hurricane Dennis. We had 66 flights and 14 fliers. There was at 2500-3000 ft ceiling all day which limited the altitudes. Winds were light and the high temp was 88 degrees. The field was very wet so the owner limited us to parking on the road. Thanks for everyone's cooperation on the parking. No sod was damaged from tire ruts. Our event was Stars and Stripes. Randy Wiggins name was drawn to select a prize from the prize pool. He chose an Estes AIM-120 kit.

Congratulations to John Ward (left below) and Kendall Brent (right below) on sucessful TRA Level 2 Certs. Kendall's Cert launch was a Scratch NOS-A-Gator on a J144PP Hybrid. John Ward's Cert launch was a Polecat Phoenix on a J350.

Chris Short had the high power flight of the day with a AMW J230 Skidmark shown below. We had a post launch dinner at Larry's in Geneva for Chris and Jasmine who are headed to Auburn.

We had a vistor, Nate Lepper, who soaked up a lot of info on mid and high power. Nate is from Ft. Walton, FL. We hope to see him back with a few new rockets.

The next launch is planned for September 10th 2005 in Samson, AL and the event is "Tube Fin Delight"

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Flight Cards

Note: Our flight cards are now entered into a on-line database on the SEARS 572 website. You can go to this link and query by date or flyer.