SEARS 572 April 3, 2004 Launch Report

The Southeast Alabama Rocketry Society held a launch on April 3rd 2005 at Samson, AL. The launch was held on Sunday because the Saturday weather had a wind forecast exceeding 20 mph. The skies were sunny with temps between 60 and 75 degrees. The winds were between 5 and 10 mph. There were eleven flyers with 61 flights total.

Our feature event was Peep Spot Landing. The goal was to drop the Peep Marshmallow Candies within 100 feet of a target placed on the field. Johnathan Page, Kendall Brent, Greg Lane, John Stein, and Chris Short participated. None of the entries landed within a 100 feet. Chris Short's launch was the closest at 147 feet. This was quite remarkable since his launch was with his Scratch Bomb Pop Peep Bus on a H220 to about 2000 feet.

John Ward flew a plethera of Estes and Quest Rockets. All of them had a professional looking finish, like the Estes V2 shown below. The V2 had two great flights. Likewise, John had a successful three stage flight with his Estes Comanchee.

The enthusiastic Destin Rocketeers below made their Team America Rocket Challenge qualification flights at this launch.

The High Power Flight of the Day was John Stein's J 570 launch in his Loc EZI-65 which exceeded a mile. John Hansel made his first hybrid flight on a modified PML Delta on the Skyripper I147 motor. Jack Kale is shown below with his scratch Big Bird which flew on a I 285.

The next launch is planned for May 7th 2005 in Samson, AL and the event is "Glider Gala"

More Pictures

Flight Cards

Note: Our flight cards are now entered into a on-line database on the SEARS 572 website. You can go to this link and query by date or flyer.