SEARS 572 February 22-25 2005 Landmark Park Launch Report

The Southeast Alabama Rocketry Society supported the Alabama Aerospace Week February 22-25th, 2005 at Landmark Park near Dothan AL. We provided rocketry demonstrations for the students with a talk on rocketry and Newton's laws. There were thirteen demos over the four day event. The students ranged from first graders to sixth graders. This year Greg Lane gave the rocketry talk on Tuesday through Wednesday and Jack Kale on Friday. John Hansel supported Tuesday launch and Greg's Dad, Kenneth Lane, supported the Wednesday and Thursday launch.


The typical demo included a streamer, helicopter, chute, boost glider, saucer, egglofter and a finale rocket.


We were fortunate to get press coverage this year with an article in the February 23th Dothan Eagle newspaper. It featured a an excellent photo of John Hansel's Saturn V with the students in the background. Likewise, WTVY in Dothan briefly covered the event on the Wednesday evening news.

The rocket demos were followed by an excellent R/C Airplane demonstration. This year included a helicopter demo flown by Emile Sheriff.


This event was enjoyed by the students as well as the presenters. The rocketry demo provides a connection between rocketry fun and science. A special thanks to Kathie Moore of Landmark Park for inviting us and providing BBQ lunch on Friday. We look forward to participating in this event next year.

Additional pictures and video can be found here