November 13, 2004 Launch Report

The Southeast Alabama Rocketry Society held a launch on November 13, 2004 at Samson, AL. The weather conditions were solid overcast with a ceiling of about 1500 feet. This kept the flights to low and mid power. There were 24 flyers with 101 flights total.

We had the "Fat Chance Event" which is a mass launch of Estes Fatboys. There were 13 Fat Boys and all lifted off. The last down was Kendall Brent's Fatboy and he chose a Deuce's Wild from the prize pool. The closest to the pad was Bill Bosley and he chose a R.E.D. Rockets Builder pack. The builders pack was donated by Frank Jones. 

This month we had the first hybrid motor launch by John Stein. He built a scratch 80 in long 3 in diameter rocket with a 38mm motor tube for the hybrid launch. The motor was a Skyripper H motor case and PVC fuel grain. The Pratt Ground Support Equipment was provided by Kendall Brent. The rocket used a dual deploy with a altimeter. The launch was a success on the first try. Congrats John! SEARS 572 can now support hybrid flights at this point that do not require GOX. We will have a $5 fee per day for users of the Hybrid Equipment to keep a fund to refill the NOS.

We had participation from the Pace TARC team flying rockets and providing food. The food and snacks were very handy and the proceeds go to their team expenses. We also had participation by Scott Bontrager and his students from Blontstown High School. Likewise, the Bay High School TARC team visited the launch.

Hope to see all of you again at our next launch December 11th at Headland, AL.  Yes that is HEADLAND!


Flight Card Info:
Flight Cards

Note: Our flight cards are now entered into a on-line database on the SEARS 572 website. You can go to this link and query by date or flyer.

Launch Day Weather Info:
Low 60s, winds 9 mph from the NNE. Hazy with total cloud cover at about 1500 feet.