October 9th, 2004 Launch Report

The Southeast Alabama Rocketry Society held a launch on October 9th 2004 at Samson, AL. The weather conditions were cloudy skies with a ceiling of about 2000 feet. The forecast was for rain and expecting it to come we stopped the launch at about noon. There were 9 flyers with 18 flights total.

We did not have the "Fat Chance Event" which is a mass launch of Estes Fatboys. We will reschedule this event for the November Launch. Kendall Brent certified to TRA Level 1 with a Giant Leap Firestorm 54 mm rocket on a H143 motor. Congratulations Kendall!!!

Frank Jones and Paula have set up a rocket company. Right now they would like to know what kind of items we are interested in. They can supply Rocketman Chutes at this time.

Thanks for the participation of flyers and spectators under less than ideal conditions. A special Thanks to Gary Goldenbaum for donating an EAT Triatomic three in one rocket to the prize pool. Hope to see all at our next launch November 13th at Samson, AL.

Flight Cards

Note: Our flight cards are now entered into a on-line database on the SEARS 572 website. You can go to this link and query by date or flyer.

Launch Day Weather Info: 70 Degrees, winds 9 mph from the East.