May 8 & 9, 2004 Launch Report

The Southeast Alabama Rocketry Society held a launch on May 8th and May 9th, 2004 at Samson, AL. The weather conditions were fair skies with temps into the upper 80s. Winds were light and variable.  There were 21 flyers with 132 flights total for the weekend.

We had two club events. The first was a Cluster-Rama There were 26 cluster flights on Saturday. John Stein won a SemRoc Hydra 7 from the prize pool drawing. Frank Jones flew a twelve motor cluster call "Dirty Dozen.". The motors were ignited by a flash pan. Gary Goldenbaum launched his Hydra 7 on 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 C6 motors. John Stein successfully fired a two motor composite cluster. Randy and Verna DeArman from Birmingham attend this launch and treated us to two flights of the Estes Saturn V "Bad Girl" with a five motor cluster. Note, there were 99 C6 motors expended at the launch. The second event was a mass launch of Red, White and Blue rockets. We had 13 of 14 launch sucessfully.

Paula Smith had a successful level one cert flight on a R.E.D Rockets Silver Bullet on a I211. Congrats Paula!!!

The high power "Flight of the Day" was Frank Jones' R.E.D. Rockets Bad Moon Rising weighing 35 lbs on a Aerotech L850. Note that Drew Johnson and Frank Jones have formed Tripoli Perfecture # 38.

Our next launch will be June 19-20 at Samson AL.

May 8th Pictures
May 9th Pictures

Flight Card Info:
Flight Cards for May 8 & 9

Note: Our flight cards are now entered into a on-line database on the SEARS 572 website. You can go to this link and query by date or flyer.