February 7, 2004 Launch Report

The Southeast Alabama Rocketry Society held a launch on 7 February, 2004 at Headland AL. The launch was the third of the 2003/2004 winter launch season. The weather conditions were not ideal but flyable. Temps started at 38 and rose to 48. The winds were 10 to 15 mph. The field was notably soft as there was a 3.5 inch rain the night before. There were twenty one flyers with 58 flights total. We welcomed Doug Harrel as a new SEARS member. The SEARS membership is now thirteen. We had Team America Rocketry Challenge participation from Blountstown, Pace, and Bristol Florida.

Our club event was the Alabama stop of the Tour De Deuce. Eugenio Cebollero and Jason Toft from the Tampa/St. Pete area of Florida were in attendance. These two originated the Tour De Deuce. The SEARS club and guests put together a special mass launch of eleven Deuce's Wilds. Ten of the eleven made it off the rods and it was quite a visual display enjoyed by all. Keith Stewart took the perfect still photo included in this report. Likewise, Marty Wiggins captured the TDD launches on video. Greg Lane provided a mass launch system with 24 outputs.

Offical Tour De Deuce Alabama Report
SEARS 572 Tour De Deuce Gallery
Additional Launch Pics and Videos

The donations at the field totaled $55. They are much appreciated.

Flight Card Info:
Single Stage:

A8 (3)

B4 (1)
B6 (3)
B Total (4)

C6 (10)
C11 (2)
C Total (12)

D12 (11)

E9 (1)

F20 (1)
F21 (1)
F25 (1)
F50 (1)
F total (4)

G80 (1)

J 570 (1)

Single Stage Cluster:

3 X B6 (2)
2 X C6 (9)
2 X E9 (1)
2 X A10 and C6 (2)

Two Stage no cluster:

B6/A8 (1)
C11/A8 (1)

Two Stage Cluster Booster:
4 X C6/D12 (1)