January 10, 2004 Launch Report

The Southeast Alabama Rocketry Society held a launch on 10 January, 2004 at Headland AL. The launch was the second of the 2003/2004 winter launch season. The weather conditions were not ideal but flyable never the less. Temps started at 37 and rose to 48. However winds were 5 to 10 mph which kept it chilly all day. There were sixteen flyers with 87 flights total. We welcomed John Hansel, Ken Stewart and Bill Bosley as new members to their first SEARS launch. The SEARS membership is now twelve. We had Team America Rocketry Challenge participation from Pace and Bristol Florida.
We had two club events:

    Gemini DC Duration (must deploy both chutes):
  • Keith Stewart 59.2 seconds
  • Bill Bosley 47.4 seconds
  • Greg Lane 24 seconds (iffy on two chutes)
  • Chris Short 14.4 seconds

    Exoskell Drag Races:
  • We had two heats with seven Exoskells total. We proclaimed John Stein the clear victor despite the difficulty in tracking the multiple alien landing modules and booster sections.

The largest rocket of the day was Frank Jones Swamp Donkey (looks like a V2) on a K670 Green Gorilla. The loaded weight was 25 pounds. Also notable, Keith Stewart and John Hansel built up their first reloads and had successful launches. Thanks to John Hansel for sharing a big pot of Chili. That really hit the spot on a chilly day. Also thanks for the donations at the field which totaled $69.


(Click Picture to Enlarge)


Frank Jones' Swamp Donkey on Green Gorrilla K670 Click Here (mpg 747K)
Keith Stewart's Aerotech Mustang on an E18 Click Here (mpg 1.185M)
John Stein's Black Brant H210 Click Here (mpg 646K)
Exoskell Drag Race Click Here (mpg 575K)
Jack' Rocket on a H242 Click Here (mpg 422K)
Randy Wiggin's LOC IV on an H165 Click Here (mpg 486K)
Jack Kale's Yellow Glue Special on H238-10 Click Here (mpg 519K)

Videos courtesy of Marty Wiggins

Flight Card Info:Single Stage

1/2 A (1)

B4 (1)
B6 (2)
B Total (3)

C6 (27)
C11 (2)
C Total (29)

D12 (12)
D13 (1)
D21 (1)
D24 (1)
D total (15)

E9 (2)
E18 (2)
E30 (1)
E total (5)

F12 (1)
F20 (2)
F22 (1)
F21 (3)
F39 (1)
F40 (1)
F total (9)

G35 (1)
G40 (1)
G80 (3)
G total (5)

H165 (1)
H210 (1)
H238 (2)
H242 (1)
H total (5)

K670GG (1)

Single Stage Cluster
2 X C6 (3)
3 X C6 (3)

Two Stage no cluster

Two Stage Cluster Booster

2 X C6/C6 (1)
3 X D12/E9 (1)