November 22nd 2003 Launch Report

The Southeast Alabama Rocketry Society held a launch on 22 November 2003
at Headland AL. This launch was the first of the 2003/2004-winter launch
season. The weather conditions were ideal with temps warming up to the 70s and
light or no winds for the entire day. There were seventeen flyers with 101
flights total. We welcomed Chris Short from Navarre, FL and Keith Stewart
from Thomasville, GA as new SEARS members. The SEARS membership is now
eight. Greg Lane assumed his duties as president from the previous
president John Stein. We also had three Team America Rocketry Challenge
teams represented one from Pace FL and two from Liberty County FL. SEARS
was able to mentor these teams on the site. We also enjoyed the youthful
flyers Matt, Jake, and Joshua Smith, Troy Mallory, and Matt Westberry.

Our Club event this launch was egg loft duration on a C motor. The
results are:

Keith Stewart 

ASP Eggstravaganza 18mm

78.62 seconds

1st Place

Gary Goldenbaum

Hydra/Elite Scratch

43.43 seconds

2nd Place

Chris Short

Quest Courier

38.96 seconds

3rd Place

John Stein

Custom Elite



Greg Lane

ASP Eggstravaganza  18mm



Flight Card Info:

Flyers 17 Flights 101 total

Single Stage Non-Cluster: 90 flights
A 2
B 4
C 43
D 13
E 5
F 5
G 12
H 2
I 3
J 1

Single Stage, Two Motor Cluster: 3 flights
2B 1
2C 2
2D 1

Single Stage, Three Motor Cluster:  1 flight
3A  1

Two Stage, Non-Cluster:  5 flights

A/A 1
B/A 1
C/C 2
D/C 1

Two Stage Three Motor Cluster Booster: 2 flights
3D/E 2


Comments received on launch:


I would like to thank all the people who offered advice and especially Jack for all the information given to help us in our team competition.  I was really taken aback by how friendly everyone was.  I look forward to launching more rockets with all of you.


Christa Harris

Pace High Rocket Team


Today was absolutely the best!  Flying with a club is much more fun that sitting out in a field by yourself.  Everyone was so friendly and helpful.  Please thank everyone for me. 


Keith Stewart

Thomasville, GA (new SEARS member)


The kids had a great time this weekend and we will be there on the Dec 6th
launch also.


Doug Smith

Callaway, FL


I underscore all the above and also say thanks for the two igniters loaned to me and to Jack for putting in the effort knowing that he was not feeling too well.  All of you folks are friendly and helpful and really put on a good show, little ones to big ones.  Thanks for letting me shoot a few even though I can only get to one or two launches per year. 

John Keegans

DeFuniak Springs, FL 


A few scenes from the launch:




One of the ASP Eggstravaganza’s competing in the Egg Loft



Randy Wiggins’s AstroBee D on a F52-5


Randy Wiggins’s AstroBee D recovering in “two dancing” halves


Thanks to Doug Smith for photos!