SEARS 572 October 30, 1999 Launch Report

The following launch report was compiled by Jack Kale with a few additional comments at the end by myself.

From Jack Kale:

South East Alabama Rocketry Society (SEARS) held its first waivered launch on Saturday October 30, 1999 at the Baxter farm east of Headland, AL. (The range is nearly 3/4 mile square of row crop fields, available only during the non growing season months). Steady east wind, wind and clouds gradually increasing through the day.

Thirteen flyers flew 84 rockets and 98 motors in 6 and a half hours, "1/4A" through "I". Everyone followed the rule announced at the flyers' briefing that there was a requirement to have fun.

Six 4H club members working with leader Shae Whitehurst on the 4H "Aerospace Challenge" made 24 flights learning to place spot landings. "OK the one off the straight up rod and the one off the 5 degree tilted rod landed within three feet of each other. What do we do NOW???" The Cub Scout spectators were a welcome addition to the recovery crew.

Kathy Hvarven performed her usual much appreciated service of finding other peoples' lost rockets. John Stein, Jack Kale, and Daniel Hallford shared range duties.

Highlight flights:

Jack Kale's PML Amraam 3 on an H123, and his scratchbuilt Big Bird, on an I300. His 30 year old "Eggonauter 4" on D12-0 to D12-7 caught a thermal and was last seen disappearing way behind the treeline at the far side of the field.

John Stein's scratchbuilt "Glider Thang" on a D12-3, and LOC EZI-65 on an H128.

Bob Hvarven's Crayon on a G80, modified Estes Skywinder on a D12-5, and Holverson Designs glider.

Bob ("I think differently") Hewes' almost 1:1 scale model of the circa 1934 American Rocket Society ARS-4 rocket, with 4 motors in the nose and no fins (YES IT WAS STABLE under power), Bottleroc (from a 2 liter soda bottle with a D12-3), and G powered X-wing.

Gary and son William (yes the NAR has youth members) Goldenbaum drove three hours from Mary Esther, Florida to see what an organized club launch was about, and together made 15 flights. Gary even stayed to help break down the range. The whole club enjoyed getting to know Gary and William. Gary may be coming down with the high power bug- he now knows where he can fly his new Aerotech Mustang on F and G motors.

Next launch will be Saturday December 4. We expect to fly more high power then. (For High Power Rocketry only I will add the following text, "This field may become the alternate field for Tripoli Mobile.").

John Stein and Jack Kale both had Estes A10-0 motors (code 6A6) CATO. MESS form to be filed.

From John Stein:

I filed a MESS report with the NAR on Monday for the A10-0T. I still have six of these motors in my range box. The CATO occurred on the fifth flight of my cloned Estes Midget. The upper stage continued for a normal flight. The A10-0T apparently blew the propellant out of the top and you can see the
scorch marks on the sustainer fins. Minor damage to the booster.

I finally was able to fly my Loc/Precision EZI-65 for a second time on an H128-6 reload. Near 1000 feet with ejection right at apogee.

I added 1/2 ounce of lead to the nose of my Launch Pad ALARM and tried it again on a D12-3. This time the flight was arrow straight. The flight was so nice, we launched it again on a D12-3. At apogee the ALARM did a nice tail slide for about 20 feet till ejection. My F24 reloads just arrived Monday (rats, too late for the launch) and should give the ALARM a nice ride.

Also flown was my Estes Saturn V on three C5-3's for another great flight. Next time I'll try an E18-4. Centuri Mach 10 on a C5-3, always cool, but I lost the nose cone and streamer.