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SEARS Rocket Lunches

Momma’s has closed. So we will work something else out. 

We are having Rocket Lunches at Momma’s Place on Wednesdays at 11:40 or so. Mommas is at 6908 Thomas Dr, Panama City Beach, FL. So come talk rockets or anything else.  There is plenty of room for guests. If you ride a Harley you will feel right at home. Mommas is the home of the BBQ Sundae. They also have the BBQ Potatoe at John Hansel’s request. Wi-Fi is available and I usually bring my laptop. So until further notice John Hansel and I will be there each Wednesday. Join us if you can.

This is not to take away from the gathering at Crews BBQ in Samson on launch days after the gear is packed up. Crews is on Hwy 87 about a mile South of Hwy 52.


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