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Model Rocket Activities for Scouts

Photo from Scouting Magazine

    Why model rockets?

  • Assemble something with your hands
  • Learn scientific principles (Newton’s Laws of Motion)
  • See the results (The Launch)
  • Could continue as a hobby now or later
  • Could be a beginning of a career in technology
  • You will have some safe fun!

  • Boy Scouts: Space Exploration Merit Badge
  • Cub Scouts: Scientist Activity Badge
  • Girl Scout: Engineering Patch

  • Build & decorate model rocket kits
  • Model Rocket Basics & Newton Laws Talk
  • Scouts launch rockets & see demo launch from SEARS Club
  • Advanced project (egg or camera payload)
    Launch sites:

  • SEARS Launch Site in Headland, AL
  • Other site you suggest
    Other Opportunities:

  • Team America Rocketry Challenge
  • Watch October Sky Movie
  • Read Rocket Boys Book Homer Hickman
  • Field trip to Space Center
  • Science fair project
  • Attend SEARS Launch in┬áSamson AL

If you are in Northwest Florida, Southeast Alabama or Southwest Georgia contact the SEARS 572 Club via this online form and we can discuss assisting your scouting group.