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Getting Started in Model Rocketry

Here are some suggestions:

  • Buy a starter set. This has a rocket, launch pad, launch controller, and usually a couple of motors. Good sources include Walmart, Michael’s Craft Store (watch for 40/50% off coupons in Sunday’s Paper), Hobby Lobby Stores or Hobbylinc Online.
  • Find a place to launch usually a schoolyard and get that thrill. Even A, B or C motors are exciting. Note a small rocket on a C motor may disappear from a small field. Best try As and Bs first to get the feel of it.
  • Find the nearest NAR or Tripoli Club and attend a launch. Most club members will answer questions via email between launches. Note has up-to-date links to clubs around the country.
  • Then dig for more info, build more rockets, and launch the rockets. Repeat often. It is usually best to gradually progress through low and mid power. After you have had quite a bit of experience you may be interested in high power rockets with H motors and above. At that level NAR or TRA certification is required to purchase the motors.
  • If rocketry is going to be one of your hobbies then join the National Association of Rocketry. You will receive Sport Rocketry Magazine and you will be covered by an insurance policy also. In addition, you will help to support the hobby as a whole.