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SEARS Flight Card Database

SEARS 572 records a flight card for each flight at our launches. After the launch, the cards were sorted and counted by hand to get various stats about the launch, such as number of flyers, number of flights and number of each motor type used. The rest of the details such as the flyers and the rocket are not reported.

 However, SEARS 572 is now entering the flight cards into this online database. You are welcome to search our cards. Don’t forget to click on stats at the bottom of the results page. This will show you the stats for the flight cards returned in your search.

Search Flight Cards

The links below are for our Club fliers.

Search Flight Cards for Edit or Delete
Input Flight Cards

A login is required. If you don’t remember the login request it via Contact SEARS. Our fliers are welcome to correct their own cards if needed. Use the search link above. Also our club flyers can enter their flights for their own launches or launches with other clubs. Please enter the person or group in charge of the launch as the launch sponsor. That way we can keep the stats separate for SEARS  launches.