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SEARS Oct 6th 2007 Launch


We had a overcast day in Samson, AL with steady 8-10 mph winds. Our event was Odd Rock Day. Cliff Oliver of Panama City won the event with his Spook Rocket.

Cliff Oliver's Spook.

Our special feature was the Snitch Invasion Mass Launch. I believe we had 21 Estes Snitch rockets on the pad and all but one flew. 

Snitch Mass Launch via ATC-2K Pad Side Cam

John Hansel had an interesting launch of his Nike Smoke on a Contrail M Hybrid. He expected 3000 feet and only got 600 feet. There will be some analysis on why it under performed.

See more pictures and the videos.    

Thanks for a great day!  A special thanks to the Panama City group who make the trip and contributed to the Snitch Invasion! The next launch is Nov 3rd. and the event is Scratch Rocket Day. Fly any Scratch Rocket on a green flight card and you have a chance to win a prize.


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