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SEARS November 3rd 2007 Launch Report

SEARS 572 had the monthly launch in Samson today, 11-3-07. The day started out cool, with no breeze at all.  The winds picked up as the day worn on and were 10-15 mph by the time we left at 2:00 PM.
There were only 7 fliers for the day.  Those who could not make it missed a good day. There were 9 high power flights, with the biggest one being John Hansel’s Super Shadow on a J420.  Jack Kale was the most frequent flyer, with  9 flights.

Randy’s Scratch Rocket on an I Marty’s Shuttle Thang

See more pictures and the videos in our gallery.


Flight Stats for Launch Date = 2007-11-03
     Impulse Class Qty
     A  1
     B  1
     C  4
     D  4
     E  1
     F  4
     G  6
     H  3
     I  5
     J  1


One Stage Two Stage Three Stage Total
Non Cluster 28 0 0 28
Cluster 2 0 0 2
Total 30 0 0 30

Total Flights: 30
Total Flyers: 7

Pie Chart Analysis of Impulse Class

The report and flight card entry was done by by Marty Wiggins.


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