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SEARS May 10th 2008 Launch Report

John Hansel’s Report: We had a great launch. It was overcast early but the skies did open up somewhat as the day wore on.  I was almost summer hot and humid, everyone had to drink lots of water. We set up at the western most sprinkler hub and launch off the side of the road downwind from there.  The wind was 10 to 15 from the W to WS. 

There were a lot of people there. Randy Wiggins passed his level 2 written test and L2 flight, see videos. Great job Randy.  I think I was the only person to fly an upscale for the monthly event, I flew a 5 times upscale of a Totally Tubular.  Bob Mullins had a bulkhead fail in flight and lawn darted the upper section
and nosecone of one of his rockets. 

Chris Short and I drag raced LOC Minie Mags on I-161. I was first off the pad, flew highest and landed last.  Chris Short Rocketry was present as a vendor and was please with his sales.  Chris had Clark Word in tow from Birmingham.  Daymon was there with his wife and flew his first rockets with the club, he also lawn darted his first rocket with us.  We had some visitors who came to the launch, found out about us on the web site, name unknown but their 3 boys really enjoyed watching my Ultimate Endeavour go up on a AMW K-1000 sparky.

Chris Crews flew a Gizmo on a motor that had it vanish from the pad, what a liftoff!  Crews also flew his L3 project rocket on an L motor as a test flight.  That was really great seeing that 6 inch rocket come off the tower under an L.  There were ten or so of us ended up at Crews-BAR-B-QUE for dinner and rocket stories (lies).

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Randy Wiggins and his L2 Rocket

Zachary, Emily, and Jeffery Wilson with their homemade Art Applewhite Dome rockets

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