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S.E.A.R.S. March 21st 2009 Launch Report

On 21 March, 2009, SEARS conducted their monthly club launch.  The skies were cloudless most of the day as can be attested to the number of people who looked like lobsters come the end of the day.  Temperatures were cooler than most had expected but most of us survived wearing T-shirts, I don’t think the temperature got much into the 70s F.  The wind was another matter.  When we set up the launch pads at a little before 0900 the winds were light and out of the east.  As soon as the range was set up the wind picked up and blew any where from out of the east to out of the south.  I think some of the early launches of C and D motor rockets landed in the sand pit and we were set up east of the Porta Potty location.  Those of us wanting to fly larger and higher projects waited until about 1600 to fly.  By then the wind was backing off and mostly out of the east.  At altitude the wind were much less than they had been all day.  There was a real rocket festival of large projects the last hour or so of flying time.

There were eighteen fliers listed in the flight cards and that does not include the Auburn and Tuskegee University’s USLI teams. 

The following motors were flown:

½ A  1

A  1

B  4

C  24

D  5

E  15

F  4

G  10

H  3

I  3

J  4

K   2

L  2

Total: 78 motors used.

There were 3 Cluster flights, one staged flight, 12 flights turned in on Green Flight cards and 8 turned in on Yellow fight cards.   These numbers are included in the listing above.

We shut down flying about 1745 hours and managed to pack up before dark, where a number of us went to Crews Bar-B-Que and told stories of our rocket accomplishments (lied). 

A good time was had by all.

John Hansel

Section Advisor

NAR 83131 L3CC

TRA 10910 L3

Der Red Max

Russ Roberts Der Red Max

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