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SEARS March 1st 2008 Launch Report

SEARS 572 held its month launch on March 1, 2008. The day started out a little cool, but turned into a beautiful day to launch. The high was about 65 F and the winds were mainly light.

Jim Flis day was the main event. Anyone who launched a Fliskits rocket had their name put into a hat for a prize. Jim Flis was very generous to send rockets for the prizes. 25 Jim Flis creations were flown and there was a mass launch of Fliskits.  The Fliskit Decaffinator and the Frick & Frack flew. They are both impressive and will make excellent demo rockets.  See pictures here and a video of the mass launch here.

Jim Flis Day

There were many high power launches. There were two J motor drag races and 2 L motor launches. The Auburn team had an exciting L motor launch. The video can be seen here.

The quick flight stats show 98 flights from 19 flyers. Marty Wiggins was the “Frequent Flyer” of the day with 16 flights. We are missing a couple of flight cards, so the total is probably 101 flights. Here is the motor breakdown.

Flight Stats for Launch Date = 2008-03-01

Impulse Class Qty
A 11
B 8
C 30
D 9
E 13
F 6
G 9
H 4
I 7
J 3
L 1
One Stage Two Stage Three Stage Total
Non Cluster 85 3 0 88
Cluster 10 0 0 10
Total 95 3 0 98

Total Flights: 98
Total Flyers: 19

Pie Chart Analysis of Impulse Class

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