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SEARS March 13th 2010 Launch Report

SEARS held its monthly launch on March 13 at Green’s Sod Farm. It was too windy to fly rockets but some of us were brave (foolish) enough to try anyway. Saucers and streamer rockets were good choices. The monthly event was Maiden Launch. Rick Gutknecht won the draw with an Applewhite Flying Disk. This little paper saucer flies on an E motor and tumbles down.

  The Samson TARC team continues to improve their design. They used a triple D-12 cluster in a BT-80 rocket with enough streamer to rope off a crime scene. Richard Crews grilled burgers and dogs to raise funds for the team.

  Tom MacPherson was undaunted by the winds and took frequent flyer award. His mid-power fleet barely stayed in sight on F and G motors. An Aerotech Barracuda was the only casualty to the winds. It was last seen drifting towards the Gulf of Mexico to join other fish of its namesake.  Tom achieved NAR L1 with a Madcow Seawolf. It weather-cocked at liftoff which made it look like a real guided missile.

  Going over the flight cards, It seems we have neglected other recent certification recognitions from previous launches.  Gabe Doering achieved NAR L1 and L2 on the same day in his “Dr Evil” LOC Minnie Mag. I guess he couldn’t fit an M motor in it. Andy Mosely achieved L1 on a Giant Leap rocket. Nicholas Hall achieved L1 on a PML Ariel. Bruce Heath achieved L1 on a Performance Little Dog. He also set a PD record with an oversized chute on this flight. Tim Morgan has quickly progressed to L2 in preparation for USLI competition. Congratulations to all and welcome to the club!

  Greg Lane flew a nice assortment of saucers. Riley Worring flew his Estes Outlaw several times switching from a chute to a streamer after its 1st flight. Randy Folts flew an Estes Star Striker. Marty Wiggins flew an Estes Big Daddy. Bill Bosely flew a Quest Penetrator. I flew some odd rocs and streamer rockets. My DD Mean Machine reached 2771’ on an H motor.

  Chris Short flew the flight of the day in his Auburn War Eagle. Richard Crews transported all the spectators along with the 20’ tall rocket to the away cell in his limousine.  Loki Research provided a sparky M demo motor for propulsion. The flight was spectacular and recovered safely on the field.

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