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SEARS September 9th 2006 Launch Report

SEARS 572 held its Sept Club launch on the 9th.
The day was pleasant with a high of about 88 and light and variable winds.
The skies were overcast for most of the day, but the ceiling was high enough for some great flights.

We even had a delivery of some great fresh boiled peanuts.
If you love boiled peanuts, you really missed out.

The special event was Drag Race! Several interesting drag races were held.
Greg Lane was the lucky winner of a selection from the prize pool. His name was drawn at random from all who flew in a drag race.

The biggest launch of the day was Chris Short’s War Eagle on a M1882.
The launch went perfectly.

Kendall Brent took the lead in the Billiard Ball loft. His Lucky Seven rocket sent the billiard ball high and the parachute brought the ball back slowly.
The billiard ball touched down an incredible 2 minutes 49 seconds later.
Way to go Kendall!

Marty Wiggins completed the 4 requirements for NARTREK Silver.
Details can be seen at
One of the requirements was a sport scale rocket. His Zenit can be seen here.

Videos of the launch can be see here:

You can find pictures here:

The totals for the day show that we had 15 fliers and 56 flights.
78 motors were burned.

A 5
B 14
C 10
D 10
E 13
F 3
G 4
H 3
I 3
J 1
K 0
L 0
M 1