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SEARS November 4th 2006 Launch Report

SEARS 572 held their November launch on the 4th. The temperatures were a little cool in the morning, but it warmed into the 60’s in the afternoon. The winds
were between 10-15 most of the day, but lessened some in the afternoon.

The special event was Scratch Built. Special Guest Mike Howie made 23 flights of his scratch built beauties and took home the prize drawing. He was the busiest flyer of the day. He also impressed us with his nicely built rockets.
We welcome Mike to come back anytime.

It was great to see Gary Goldenbaum back after a few months.
He always impresses us with his many clusters.

Congratulations go out to Keith Stewart on achieving his NARTREK Bronze.
Way to go Keith. Onto Silver!

The biggest flight of the day was John Hansel’s K1000 Skidmark.
It was a “WOW!” flight.

Here is the video.

Several members stayed late for a night launch. I do not have any details, but this picture of Greg’s Saucer gives you an idea of the fun. I love the trail of flame.

The final statistics show that we had 11 fliers and 73 flights.
The breakdown by motor is.

A = 9
B = 20
C = 33
D = 20
E = 5
F = 3
G = 3
H = 4
I = 2
J = 1
K = 1

Extra: Night Launch

We added a first time SEARS night launch after the regular Nov 4th launch. We had John Hansel and Walker, Bob and Whitney Mullins, Tom and Thelma Rackers, Mike Howie, John Keegans, Gary Goldenbaum, Chris Crews and myself in attendance. We started about 5PM at sunset. The first launch was my 18 inch Applewhite saucer. Being sunset, no additional lights were required and it was under the FAA waiver. See You Tube Video. Our rockets used various LEDs for lights and my Mean Machine had EL wire. Tom had a good idea to mark the way to the pad with glow sticks on dowels. Operating at night is a challenge. We had flash lights covered with red film. The full moon was helpful. Most of the launches went well. The rockets did not seem to go as high. It could be their extra payload for one thing. It is a bit funny not seeing a chute when the rockets decend. My 24mm Deuces Wild blew out a nozzle which created a visual mis-direction. The bulk of the motor went one direction and the rest of the rocket went in the other. All the rockets were a cool visual treat. Most felt it was a bit chilly. So the next night launch could be before it gets as cold. I am game for another launch based on interest from the club. Once or twice a year would be nice.

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