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SEARS May 5th 2007 Launch Report

Saturday, May 5 was a beautiful launch day. The temperatures were in the high 80s and the winds and humidity were low. The crowd was small, but fun was had by all.

The special event was two stage day. Greg Lane flew his Estes Snitch on several motor combinations. The three stage C6-0,C6-0,C6-3 was very interesting.
Randy Wiggins won the drawing and a selection from the prize pool.

Chris Crews got in several practice flights for his upcoming trip to the TARC finals. The Dothan Eagle even came by to document his final practices before the trip to Virginia. Good luck Chris.

Here is a picture of a Dothan Eagle reporter taking a picture of Randy Wiggins’ Estes V2.

We welcomed Lance Souther and Laurie Rhodes. They had some great flights of their rockets.

There were 10 flyers and 59 flights.
The most frequest flyers were the Wiggins clan of Randy, Marty and Christopher.
They had 22 between them.

The breakdown is as followed.

Flight Stats for Launch Date = 2007-05-05
Impulse Class Qty
A 3
B 8
C 20
D 13
E 5
F 7
G 5
H 6
I 1

One Stage Two Stage Three Stage Total
Non Cluster 45 6 1 52
Cluster 7 0 0 7
Total 52 6 0 59

Total Flights: 59
Total Flyers: 10