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SEARS March 31st 2007 Launch

Our launch started at noon. The winds were stiff and likely cut down the number of flights. However, we did have a number of K motor launches. The Auburn SLI team of which Chris Short is a member made two K550 launches. John Hansel had a K960 Launch on a 6 inch Ultimate Endeauvor. Jack Kale launched Happy Rocket on an AMW K950.  Greg Launched his Stealth 54 on a K550 at the night launch.

We had a good showing on the Bob Hewes Tribute. Kendall Brent won a draw from the prize pool and he selected an Estes Patriot.

The folks staying for the night launch had supper at Crews and then returned to the field. At sunset I launched the Applewhite Stealth Beta on a K550. See the video on YouTube. We pleased to have Mrs. Crews and a number of Samson folks at the night launch. We launched a Night Deuce wit blinking leds, a Mean Machine with EL wire and a couple of Quest Couriers with LEDs. John Keegans launched a rocket with light sticks.

The good news is the two TARC teams are working hard to qualify. Doug Harrell brought two students of the Liberty County High Team and they launched their rocket for practice. However, with the stiff winds it was no day to qualify. Chris Crews’ mother informed us Chris of the Samson Team has his rocket ready, but he was on a class trip to Washington DC last week and was on his way back. John Hansel is going to visit Liberty County during the week and return to the field next Saturday to work with Chris Crews. We hope they qualify and make the cut to attend the finals in Virginia.

Our next monthly launch is May 5th. This launch covered March and April. Have fun building rockets and looking forward to seeing everyone in May.