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SEARS June 2nd 2007 Launch Report

The June, 2007 launch for SEARS 572 was held on the 2nd in Samson, Alabama.
The temperatures were mild in the low 80’s, but the day was breezy with winds between 10 and 15 mph all day. The turnout was a little low, but we had some great launches and fun.

The event of the day was glider and Marty Wiggins won the prize drawing.

The biggest launch of the day was Kendall Brent’s N2O Horizon on a K555 hybrid motor. The launch went perfecly and was a crowd pleaser.

The video is here.

Greg Lane launched his Amraam 4 on a J350 with a camera attached to the upper body section. The camera came off at ejection and seemed to be lost. It was recovered later and the interesting video is posted here.

The ground video is here. If you look close, you can see the camera falling off at ejection.

There were two guests from Panama City. Matt Pinkston and Andrew Dykes had some great flights on some Estes kits. We welcome them back anytime.

Pictures of the launch are here.

The rest of the videos can be seen here.

Here are the overall numbers for the launch.

Flight Stats for Launch Date = 2007-06-02

Class Qty
B 4
C 16
D 5
E 1
F 7
G 3
H 2
I 3
J 2
K 1

Total Flights: 44
Total Flyers: 11

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