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SEARS February 3rd 2007 Launch Report

SEARS 572 had its monthly launch on Feb 3, 2007.
The temperatures were cold, with the high in the 40s. The winds were 5-10 out of the NW.

There were some brave flyers that came out to have fun. The special event was
High Drag and Egg loft. There were many entries for the prize.

Thelma Rackers won a selection from the prize pool with her Estes Snitch flight.

Big Congratulations go out to Chris Crews on his Level 2 certification.
His Black Magic went to about 5000′ on a J350.

John Hansel had an “interesting” launch with his Mini Mag on an I220.
The nose cone came off with the motor still under power. Thankfully, the rocket will live to talk about the wild ride.

Some more of Bob Hewes vast collection of rockets were auctioned off to members of SEARS. Bob was a great craftsman and built rockets with great attention to detail.
He is greatly missed by all who knew him.

There were 54 flights from 15 flyers. We had some new flyers and some old friends that stopped by to join in. The high flyer of the day was Kendall Brent with 15 flights. Kendall was a busy man.

Flight Stats for Launch Date = 2007-02-03
Impulse Class Qty

A 7
B 3
C 18
D 5
E 6
F 6
G 4
H 3
I 1
J 1

Non Cluster 45
Cluster 9
Total 54

Total Flights: 54
Total Flyers: 15