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SEARS Launch Info

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    If this will be your first SEARS launch, please view Introducing SEARS.

    SEARS schedules monthly launches. They are usually on the first Saturday of the month. However, on some months with an early holiday we may move the launch to the second Saturday. Launches may be cancelled due to weather or other issues. We will post cancellations to this web site and notify via our email list. We enjoy having a special event each month. Participate and you may win a prize.

    We enjoy launching low, mid and high Power rockets. There is no motor max. For H motors and larger, you must be NAR or TRA certified for the motor impulse range. Membership at SEARS is not required to launch.

    NAR/TRA Safety Codes and Samson Specific Site Rules apply at SEARS launches. Decsions by the Range Safety Officer are final.

    Our FAA waiver allows altitudes up to 10000′ AGL. However, the altitude limit will vary based on setup location and winds. We are in contact with the FAA during launches and occasionally we must hold up launches based on their direction.

    All launch equipment is provided including support for non-gox hybrids. There is a $10 range fee for fliers 19 and up for the weekend to cover port-a-potty and range expenses.

    Our launch site is a 400 acre sod farm in Samson, AL. We launch there with permission of the owner. This site is a treasure for the club. We do everything to keep good relations with the owner. We must not damage the sod. Stay in the roads and observe the signs. Park in designated areas. Do not take excursions on the grass with your vehicle.

    Samson is in South Alabama fifty miles west of Dothan, Alabama.