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SEARS January 5th 2008 Launch Report

SEARS 572 had its monthly launch in Samson, AL on Jan 5, 2008. The day started out cool, but warmed to the upper 60s in the afternoon. The winds were mainly light.  They got up to about 10 mph around noon, but fell as the day wound down.
The day was one of the biggest attended in SEARS history.  There were 18 vehicles at the launch.  The totals were 18 fliers and 102 flights.

Many came to see the flight of the “Hewes Space Special”.  The maiden flight was not great, as the rocket nosed in.  John says it is repairable.

John Hansel and Heather Parker with the the Hewes Space Special. Heather did the excellent artwork. 

The event of the day was “Maiden Flight”. There were many entries for the drawing. Cliff Oliver won the event.  The busiest flyer of the day was Joey Cribbs from Pace high.  Joey took advantage of the weather with 15 flights. Likewise we had a number of flights from the younger but determined fliers including Alexandra Stetson and Zachary Wilson.

Zachary Wilson and his Heatseeker on the left.
There were two M motor launches and an L motor launch.  Combine that with the other 99 flights and it was a great day.

John Hansel launches Chris Short’s War Eagle.

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Flight Stats for Launch Date = 2008-01-05

Impulse Class Qty
One Stage Two Stage Three Stage Total
Non Cluster 93 0 0 93
Cluster 9 0 0 9
Total 102 0 0 102

Total Flights: 102
Total Flyers: 18

Pie Chart Analysis of Impulse Class

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