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SEARS Favorite Links

Popular Web Sites

Rocketry Planet

Rocketry Planet is a world class hobby portal dedicated to hobby rocketry enthusiasts around the globe.

Essence’s Model Rocketry Reviews

Reviews and tips on current model rocket kits, Out Of Production (OOP) kits, and scratch projects

Info Central

Comprehensive rocketry reference information.

The Rocketry Forum (TRF)

A meeting place to ask questions and share information on any aspect of hobby rocketry.

Member Web Sites

Verna & Randy’s Rockets

A husband and wife team that enjoy promoting rocketry as a family hobby. They are famous for the Bad Girl Saturn Vs.


CS Rocketry

Chris Short is our on site vendor of motors.

jonRocket features kits that are not Estes or Quest. Free shipping for orders over $40.00. JonRocket is a virtual vendor for SEARS. Let them know you are a SEARS member for additional discounts.


Fliskits is the home of innovative model rocket designs and components for scratch building.

Sunward Aerospace Group

High quality model rockets kits, parts, and accessories for the Rocketeer. Currently A-G powered with most of the model rocket kits being A-D engine powered

Applewhite Rockets

A plethora of drag recovery rockets including saucers, cones and so forth. There is a family of 13mm designs that are a free download.

Red Arrow Hobbies

For the best deals on model, mid and high power rockets,
model rocket engines, reloadable rocket motors and rocketry building supplies.

Uncle Mikes Rocket Shack

A complete selection of rocket kits and accessories.

Pratt Hobbies

The home of speciality items for rocketry. This includes hybrid motors and hydrid ground support equipment. Also rocket bulk packs for schools and other groups.

Wildman Rocketry

A wide variety of rocketry products. Join the Wildman Club for discounts.

Public Missles LTD.

A wide variety of high power rocket kits and scratch building parts.

Giant Leap Rocketry

A good selection of components, motors and some excellent kits. They are tops in customer service.


Source for low and mid power model rockets and motors.

BRS Hobbies

Seventeen different brands of low and mid power rocket kits.


National Association of Rocketry

NAR is the parent organization for SEARS 572, covers Model and High Power Rocketry. NAR is also a source of insurance coverage.


Primarily for those interested in High Power Rocketry

Neighboring Clubs

Huntsville Area Rocketry Association (NAR 403, TRA 80)

Birmingham Rocket Boys (NAR 665)

Phoenix Missile Works (TRA 81 & NAR 682)

GAMMA 494 (GA Model Missile Association)

Southern Area Rocketry (SoAR) (NAR Section #571)

TARA (Tripoli Atlanta Rocketry Assn)

NEFAR (Northeast Florida Association of Rocketr)

THOR (Tampa/Hillsborough Org. of Rocketry)

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