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SEARS December 1st 2007 Launch Report

The SEARS Dec 1st Launch in Samson was a Christmas present in itself! We were blessed with great weather having a high of 69 degrees and winds under 10 mph. Our event was ‘Tis The Season and John Hansel won the event with his Christmas Tree rocket. John Hansel also brought his Hewes Space Special to show. See it fly at the January 5th Launch.

John Hansel's Christmas Rocket John Hansel's Hewes Space Special
John Hansel’s Christmas Tree Rocket John Hansel’s Hewes Space Special

Our turn-out included new faces including Robert and his son Zach from Defuniak Springs. Sara and Ray Ray came with the Shorts. Ray Ray enjoyed rockets all day.

Ray Ray enjoyed rockets all day.

Sara did a level one attempt. Come back Sara and try again.

It was good to see some folks return after missing a few launches. Bill Bosely came and brought Reece with him.

Bill Bosley and Reece

Bob Mullins returned after recovery from a heart attack and flew his Performance Rocketry Apache on a J350.

Bob Mullin's Apachee on a J 350

Nate Leeper was back flying his Initiator.

Nate's Initiator

Laura and Lance from Tyndall AFB returned also. Here is Lance’s Semroc Point.

Lance Souther's Semroc Point

Chris Short came and was selling Aerotech and Loki motors. Chris launched his Hornet on Aerotech Mojave Green Propellant.

Chris Short Hornet

The donations to support the purchase of the new equipment trailer were collected by John Hansel. He will have a report soon. The Raffle of the Polecat Spike was held and Marty Wiggins won. Thanks to the contributors! Thanks again to Randy Wiggins for providing a trailer and storing the club equipment for several years. Randy transitioned all the rigging for the gear to the new trailer at the launch. Greg Lane will be using the trailer and storing the equipment now.

The New Club Equipment Trailer loaded in the foreground.

More pictures are available here. We will have the flight card stats soon.


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