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SEARS 2011 Launch Schedule

These are our planned monthly launches in Samson, AL for 2011. They are on the first Saturday of the Month except January, July and September. There is no August launch planned. Please check this website before you leave for the launch in case there is a cancellation.

Jan 8, 2011
General: Egg Loft Day
Youth: Decorate eggs as Eggstronauts
Challenge: Egg Loft Duration
Advanced: Billiard Ball Loft (away cell)

Feb 5, 2011
General: Maiden Flight Day
Youth: Decorate A Rocket Contest
Challenge: Kit Mash, build a rocket from two or more commercial kits.
Advanced: Fly a Hybrid Rocket

Mar 5, 2011
General: Scale Rocket Day (Fly a scaled down version of a space, military or research rocket)
Youth: Find a simple scale model of a space rocket to build
Challenge: Build a rocket with authentic details/paint based on a particular flight configuration / mission.
Advanced: Fly the big stuff 1/10th scale or larger.

Apr 2, 2011
General: Peep Spot Landing
Youth: Launch three different kinds of peeps
Challenge: Deploy four or more peeps. The more the better
Advanced: Fly a peep to as close to 1500 feet as possible based on an altimeter

May 7, 2011
General: Sci-fi / Futuristic / Alien Day
Youth: decorate a rocket to have aliens on-board
Challenge: Fly a Mars Lander type rocket
Advanced: Warp Factor

Jun 4, 2011
General: Multi Stage Day
Youth: fly a two stage rocket and find both the booster and sustainer
Challenge: fly a three stage rocket
Advanced: fly a four stage rocket

Jul 9, 2011
General: Glider Day
Youth: Bring a hand glider and fly it
Challenge: Glider Duration
Advanced: Fly an glider with 24 inch wingspan or greater (Maybe R/C)

Sep 10, 2011
General: Patriot Day (Fly any patriotic rocket)Youth: decorate a patriotic rocket (red white & blue)
Challenge: fly a red motor, white motor and blue motor during the day
Advanced: fly a red motor, white motor and blue motor on one rocket

Oct 1, 2011
General: Odd Roc Day
Youth Build and fly an Applewhite 13mm saucer
Challenge: Build an totally original Odd Roc
Advanced: Fly an rocket on K or larger motor

Nov 5, 2011
General: Cluster DayYouth: Paint a rocket the same color as a pumpkin
Challenge: Modify a rocket to take three motors instead of one
Advanced: Cluster 7 or more motors

Dec 3, 2011
General: Christmas Theme Rockets
Youth: Decorate a rocket for Christmas
Challenge: Fly a high power Christmas Rocket
Advanced: Fly a Christmas Tree (away cell)

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