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Pack 124 Bear Cub Scout Launch

The Pack 124 Bear Cub Scouts launched their own rockets March 22, 2008 in a field near Headland. 12 Boys built Fliskit Thing-a-ma-jigs and got to fly them twice.(A6-4 and B6-4).  They boys even got to drag races their rockets on the 2nd launch. All rockets were recovered.
I put on a short demo before they launched. 
Estes Quark
Sunward Maverick
Applewhite Scimitar
Estes Executioner
Shuttle Thang.
I will submit their names for the NAR 50,000 event. Thanks to Jim Flis for the easy to build and fly rockets.  We had a couple of rockets come in with tangles chutes, but there was no damage.

More pictures here.

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