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Oct 25 Tripoli Research Launch Planned

Tripoli Central Alabama is hosting a research launch on Oct 25 at the Samson Site. The launch will begin at 10Am and go until dark. Tripoli research rules will be used. Tripoli insurance is also going to be used. All members who are 18 years old and a tripoli member are welcome to come fly commercial motors. If you are L2 certified, you may also fly homemade motors. We will have 3 pads and controlers. If you plan to fly estes rockets, you need to bring your own launch equipment. Spectators are allowed to attend, but cannot be in the rocket range for any reason. Chris’s Rocket Supplies will be on site, and has a 30%off retail sale running at this launch only. For more reserch information, check out or give Chris Short a call at 850-554-6531. We have L1, L2 and a L3 cert attempt going on. Hope to see people there.

Note: The next monthly SEARS launch is Nov 1st.

Chris Short's Research L Sparky

Chris Short’s Research L Sparky

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