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NAR National Rocketry Competition (NRC) at SEARS

New for the 2018/2019 launch season!  In addition to our normal sport/high power rocketry activities, and continued TARC team support, SEARS will begin supporting the NAR National Rocketry Competition (NRC).  NAR members may fly any/all of the 6 selected NRC events throughout the contest year, leading up to NARAM 61 in Muncie Indiana at the end of July 2019.  All events will be flown according to the NAR Model Rocket Sporting Code, please visit for complete details.  Plan on bringing everything you need to fly an event (Altimeters, NAR payloads, Eggs).  There may be supplies you can use/borrow at the field but we cannot guarantee that everything you need will be available.  We will have everything required to check in, record, and report your flight results to the national NRC scoreboard.  Never flown a NAR contest before?  Check it out on the NAR website and then bring your rockets and give it a try.

2018-2019 NRC Events:

1/4A Parachute Duration (Sum of two flights)

1/4A Helicopter Duration (Sum of two flights)

A Boost Glider (Sum of two flights)

B Eggloft Duration (Best flight out of two attempts)

B Payload Altitude, Altimeter (Best flight out of two attempts)

C Eggloft Altitude, Altimeter (Best flight out of two attempts)

Direct NRC questions to Matt Bond.

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