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March 14th S.E.A.R.S. Monthly Launch

The next SEARS monthly launch is March 14th in Samson, AL.  The events are:

General: Maiden Flight Day, first flight of any rocket.

Youth:  Decorate A Rocket Contest

Challenge: Kit Bash, build a rocket using parts from two or more commercial kits.

Advanced: Fly a Rocket on a hybrid motor.

All event flights are on a green flight cards and will be used to draw a winner for a prize pool pick.  

Note on hybrids: the club has the nitrous oxide tank and Kendall has the hybrid launch controller. The hybrid gear has been under used lately. Lets change that this launch. Kendall is willing to share his hybrid expertise and assist on your launch. I have a complete set of SkyRipper 38mm cases and several fuel loads. I am willing to lend a case out to anyone wanting to get hybrid experience (let me know before the launch). One advantage of hybrid launches is that there are no ATF regulations for the oxidizer or the fuel. Remember you must have electronics for recovery deployment with hybrids.

SEARS welcome beginners and their families to watch or launch rockets. You do not have to be a member to launch. There is a porta-potty provided. Bring your lunch, sunscreen, and camera. Fliers 19 and older pay a $10 range fee. Do not drive off the road and onto the sod except where the parking signs indicate. See this page for directions.


SEARS President

Hybrid Launch

Hybrid Launch

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