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June 12th 2010 SEARS Launch Report

Location: Green’s Sod Farm  Author: Russ Roberts

  We had great flying weather with no winds or rain. Many members stayed home due to the heat, but turnout was better than expected. All adult members flew at least one HPR.

  Our monthly event was staged rockets. Greg Lane had the LPR flight of the day with an Edmonds Cici stage 2 glider. The booster glided back as the upper stage glider powered on. Both gliders circled back for a smooth landing. My Omega disappeared in the trees making it my 3rd to be lost at Samson. The booster always comes back, so I’ll have to build another sustainer for next year. Bob Mullins launched his 2-stage Blue Goose HPR. The Goose did not want to leave the nest and it took about five attempts to get the motor lit. Ignition finally occurred and the 2nd stage lit as planned. There was a recovery failure with the booster, resulting in a core sample. Chris Short’s 2-stager flew as a boosted dart. The sustainer coasted ahead of the booster after separation without lighting its motor. Both sections deployed their chutes for a perfect recovery. I won the random draw and took home an Estes Condor ARV kit.

  Kendall’s Grandson, Drake, flew his 1st rockets with us. His Baby Bertha stayed pretty low on A motors. Drake worked his way up to Cs and then added a booster for a 2-stage flight that went to the edge of the field.

  Riley flew a Mean Machine painted in Iron Man colors. He also built a small rocket at the field with scraps and super glue. It hung up on the rod and then crashed.

  Tim had the highest flight of the day on his Firestorm 54. The nine grain J570 motor blasted the rocket to 7400’.

  John Hansel enjoyed a lazy summer day napping under his shade. He made a single flight with his ¼ scale Patriot.

  Tom Mac Phearson took frequent flyer award with his arsenal of scale missiles. Sea Wolf had a huge arcing trajectory to the edge of the field and Barracuda was lost again.

  Eldon had an interesting flight in his Magnum5. A failure at the Av-bay coupler caused it to separate under power. The pieces came down mostly intact and the rebuild will be pretty simple.

  Kendall had the HPR flight of the day in Nos-A-Gator. He left the gas on the trailer and used a Loki blue L1482 motor for a spectacular launch.


Kendall Brent's L3 bird on an L

Kendall Brent’s NOS-A-GATOR


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