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Don’t miss the SEARS January 10th Launch

The next SEARS monthly launch is January 10th in Samson, AL. The events are:
       General: Anything but a Chute day.
       Youth: Make a colorful streamer and fly in a rocket
       Challenge: Fly a helicopter rocket
       Advanced: Fly a monocopter rocket

All event flights are on a green flight card. We will draw a green card at random for a pick from the prize pool. Note Art Applewhite is a good source for many rockets that don’t require chutes including his new monocopter kits. I am going to try out his Helix monocopter. I’ll bring a launch pad for his style of monocopters. Also note Apogee and Fliskits have helicopters. Oh yes any glider would work also.  The Edmound Glider Kits are good and available from JonRocket. So you have many options this month.


Tom Rackers loading up his
Tom Rackers loading his Big Birdie. Also notice the Estes Skywinder and Hefty Saucer rockets on the pad.

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