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Don’t miss the S.E.A.R.S. February 7th Launch

The next SEARS monthly launch is February 7th in Samson, AL.  The events are:

General: Egg Loft Day: Launch egg or eggs in your rocket

Youth: Decorate eggs as Eggstronauts and have them flown.

Challenge: Egg Loft Duration - Timed single egg loft with 18mm C motor. Recover rocket/egg as one piece. Egg must not crack. Longest time wins bragging rights.

 Advanced: Billiard Ball Loft. Note must be flown from away cell. Consider this practice/demo we can have a duration contest in the future. See rules at end of email. I will bring some billiard balls for those who would like to try the event in the future.

Since we did not have a January launch you can do any of these events as well.

       General: Anything but a Chute day.
       Youth: Make a colorful streamer and fly in a rocket
       Challenge: Fly a helicopter rocket
       Advanced: Fly a monocopter rocket. 
All event flights are on a green flight card and will be used to draw a winner for a prize pool pick.  SEARS T Shirts will be available for pickup if you requested one.


Greg Lane and Tom Racker's Egg Lofters

Greg Lane’s and Tom Racker’s Egg Lofters

Billard Ball Bonanza Rules:The winner will be the longest time aloft for the ball. The launches will be from the away cell at least 500 feet from cars and spectators.The launch rod will be tilted slightly away from the flight line. You must announce that the launch is for the record prior to the the countdown. NAR Safety code will be enforced.4 to 1 minimum thrust to weight. Parachute must be sized so no part descends faster than 21 f/s. A standard billiard ball is to be used, approx. 2 1/4″ dia. 5 1/2 to 6 oz. The ball may not be cut up or modified other than drilled for retention. Rockets must pass RSO and conform to all site rules. Ball must be drilled to retain it. A thru hole with bolt /eyelet. Rockets will be launched from tower, rail, or min. 1/4″ rod. *Total Impulse shall be less than or equal to 40 newton-seconds.* (Note minimum thrust to weight above) Timed from rocket liftoff to touchdown of the ball or loss of sight by the timer.Only one timer required who is not the flier. No maximum size or number restrictions on parachute(s).

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