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Don’t Miss the SEARS February 2nd Rocket Launch

The next SouthEast Alabama Rocketry Society (SEARS) launch is February 2nd 2008 in Samson, AL. Our event is Egg Loft Day. Use a green flight card for any egg loft flight and you will entered for a draw from the prize pool. We will also have Egg Loft Duration contest for 18mm C motor egg lofters. The rocket bearing one raw large egg must come down as one piece and the egg must not crack. This contest is for bragging rights and a mention in the launch report.

We are announcing an on-going Young Rocketeer Event for any person twelve or under. Make a launch on a blue flight card and you will be entered for a draw from the prize pool. Please let the young rocketeer do as much as possible in building and launching of the rocket.

If you are new to egg lofting. There are many kits designed for the task or you may adapt a rocket to carry an egg. The Quest Courier is a real workhorse. The Estes Eggscaliber is another choice. For performance check out the ASP Eggstravaganza 18 Egglofter Kit. Beware that cold weather can cause plastic chutes to not open fully. Apply baby power on the inside and in each fold as you pack the chute. You may want to substitute a nylon chutes for plastic. Mylar chutes pack small for their size and are light weight.

Click here for more launch info.

We were setup in a bad position in January as several rockets landed near the vehicles. We will strive to avoid that in the future. This is a challenge due to the winds changing direction during the day. Please heed the “heads up” launch announcements and have your eyes on the rockets.

Greg Lane, SEARS President, 850 774-4159

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