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Don’t miss the October 6th Launch

The next SEARS Launch is October 6th 2007 in Samson, AL. We expect cooler weather!

Event #1 Odd Roc Day. Odd Roc is a slang term for a strange-looking rocket. Odd Rocs are often made in the shape of non-rocketry-related items. Fly any Odd Roc on a green flight card and you will be entered to pick a prize from the prize pool.  This event will end at 3PM.

Event #2 Snitch Invasion. We will have a mass launch of up to 24 Snitch Rockets at 1 PM. (They are odd enough). So bring your Snitch. I will have a few Snitches for sale at $5 each. If you buy a Snitch from Greg, Your $5 will go to the TARC Fund.

Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC). We welcome all interested in the Team America Rocketry Challenge to attend. We will be glad to answer questions about the contest and rocketry.

M Hybrid Launch. John Hansel will launch his 10 inch diameter Nike Smoke on a Contrail Hybrid motor. This will be the first M Hybrid launch at SEARS.

Enter your zip here to get directions to the launch . We setup at 8:30 AM and launch from 9 AM to 4 PM. You can find more  launch details here . Come to watch or better yet, bring some rockets. If you are a beginner we will help you get started. The whole family is welcome.


Greg Lane

SEARS President

Cell 850 774-4159

Snitch Mass Launch planned for the October 6th 2007 Launch

Odd Rocs:


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