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Don’t Miss the January 5th SEARS Launch

Our next launch is January 5th 2008 in Samson, AL. The event is Maiden Flight Day. Use a green flight card for any first flight of a rocket and you will have a chance to draw from the prize pool. So this is a chance to get out the exacto and glue and show us something new. In particular, John Hansel will fly the Hewes Space Special for the first time. The Panama City Artist who painted the craft will be there to witness the flight.

Chris Short will fly War Eagle on a M motor. John Hansel will be flying his 12 inch V2 on a M also.

We are pleased that St. John’s Catholic School in Panama City has entered the Team America Rocketry Challenge. We invited the students to attend the January 5th launch and get familiar with launching rockets. Please assist them in having a safe learning experience.

Click here for more launch info.


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