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Don’t Miss the April 18th SEARS Samson Launch

The next monthly S.E.A.R.S. Launch is April 18th 2009 at Samson, AL. We setup at 8:30 AM, the waiver opens for launches at 9:00 AM. We usually go until about 4:00 PM. Beginners are welcome. Bring the whole family!. Everyone is also invited to Crews BBQ in Samson after the launch. For more info see


General: Peep Spot Landing

The peep landing closest to a target on the field (about 60 feet from the pad) will win a draw SEARS prize pool.  You may make as many peep flights as you like. Use Official Peeps of any variety. Multiple Peeps are allowed on one flight. Peeps that are ejected must have a recovery device for their/our protection.

Youth: Launch three different kinds of peeps
Challenge: Deploy four or more peeps. The more the better
Advanced: Fly a peep to as close to 1500 feet as possible based on an altimeter 

Peeps loaded on Snitch 

Greg Lane

SEARS President

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