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May 5th SEARS Samson Launch Cancelled

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Cotton has been planted on the field. Please stand-by for the Fall Launch Announcement. Thanks for a good year!

Greg Lane

SEARS President

Feb 4th and Feb 5th Samson launches are a Go!

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

REMINDERS: Please take it slow heading into the farm as you pass the offices and buildings. Kids may be playing there. Also keep dogs an a leash so not to disturb the cattle. Please remind anyone you invite.
The Feb 4th launch is a regular SEARS launch. We will be launching low, mid and high power commercial motors. Setup is at 8:30 the waiver opens at 9:00 and launching usually until 4 PM. Beginners and those interested in Team America Rocketry Challenge are welcome to attend.
The Feb 5th launch is a Tripoli Research launch. Tripoli rules will apply, however anyone is welcome to come watch. You must be a TRA member to fly commercial motors and L2 or above to fly research motors. If people want to mix for a launch, contact Chris Short. The plan is to start flying at 10AM, flying until….

Merry Christmas from S.E.A.R.S.

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!MerryChristmasFromSEARSSantasGuys

Oct 8/9 Samson Launches postponed

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Sorry due to plowing of the field the Oct 8/9 launches are rescheduled to Oct 15/16. Always check this site before departing for a launch.

SEARS Launches cancelled until Fall 2011

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Sorry! This is due to changes at the field. Next launch date is TBA.

SEARS Launch Schedule Change

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

The farm has changed owners and will be planted entirely in peanuts.  We don’t think launching is a good idea until the crop is harvested. We will only have a May launch if the field has not been planted by that time. We really expect it to be planted. We will see what unfolds. So standby for an update on May and we will not plan any more launches otherwise until October. 

Greg Lane SEARS President

SEARS Feb 5th Launch Postponed to Feb 12th

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Rain expected on the field Thursday and Friday will increase the possibility of damage to the field therefore we are postponing the launch to Feb 12th. Note, always check our web site before you leave for a launch.

Greg Lane
SEARS President

Don’t Miss the February 5th 2011 Launch

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011


The next monthly S.E.A.R.S. Launch is Saturday February 5th at Samson, AL. We setup at 8:30 AM, the waiver opens for launches at 9:00AM. We usually go until about 4:00 PM. Beginners are welcome. Bring the whole family!. Everyone is also invited to Crews BBQ in Samson after the launch. For more info see

Feb 5, 2011 Theme

  • General: Maiden Flight Day
  • Youth: Decorate A Rocket Contest
  • Challenge: Kit Mash, build a rocket from two or more commercial kits.
  • Advanced: Fly a Hybrid Rocket

Fill out a green flight card for any theme launch and you have a chance in thedrawing for a prize pool item

Feb 13th Launch moved to Feb 20th

Friday, February 12th, 2010

We will move the Feb 13th Samson launch one week to Saturday Feb 20th. The sun will be out but the field has recieved a large amount of moisture today. We do not want to risk damage to the field. The South Alabama guys said the extra week would help them get their final rocket ready. Unfortunately this is a hardship on Chris Short and his work schedule . Please contact him about motors.

As always check your email or the web site before heading out to the launch. Please let anyone who may not get this email know about the change.


Greg Lane
SEARS President

Don’t miss the S.E.A.R.S. June 13th 2009 Monthly Launch

Monday, June 1st, 2009

The next monthly S.E.A.R.S. Launch is Saturday June 13th at Samson, AL. We setup at 8:30 AM, the waiver opens for launches at 9:00 AM. We usually go untill about 4:00 PM. Beginners are welcome. Bring the whole family!. Everyone is also invited to Crews BBQ in Samson after the launch. For more info see

Jun 13, 2009
        General:  Multi Stage Day
        Youth: fly a two stage rocket and find both the booster and sustainer
        Challenge: fly a three stage rocket
        Advanced: fly a four stage rocket

Use a green flight card for any multi-stage rocket and you will entered for a draw from the prize pool.

Note: We depend on everyone’s good judgement about keeping their rockets safe and stable and on-the field. Most but not all multi-stage commercial kits are good designs. If you are scratch building be sure to research the principles and tips that will keep your rocket safe and stable. We will require a check by a RSO for multistage stage rockets at this launch to identify rockets that should not be flown or need to be flown at the away cell.  Low power multi-stage need an RSO by a Level 2 club members. Mid and high power need an RSO by a Level 3 club member. Every multi-stage rocket is a HEADS-UP Flight. So keep your eyes on the rocket and remember the booster will be decending separate from the sustainer.

Gary Goldenbaum's Two Stage with 4 X 24mm cluster

Gary Goldenbaum’s cluster two stage.

Tip: CHAD (Cheap and Dirty) Staging is direct staging and requires no
modification to an existing rocket. This is where you add a booster
motor with a -0 delay behind the ususal motor. This is done by attaching
the top end on the booster to the bottom on the usual motor. You can do
this with one wrap of cellophane tape. I would use CHAD staging where
the weight of the extra motor does not change the CG that much. Remember
CG must be forward of the CP. I have  found that the Estes Snitch can be
CHAD staged C6-0 to C6-3.

Greg Lane

SEARS President