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Alabama Aerospace Week Wrap Up

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

The Alabama Aerospace Week rocketry demos at Landmark Park near Dothan were enjoyed by several hundred enthusiastic students over the course of four days. Each student got an introductory lesson in rocket science through a talk about forces and watching actual model rocket launches. We hope some will pursue careers in science and engineering. There were many home schoolers among them. Several parents expressed interest in having their children get involved with rocketry to get a feel for engineering before they head for college. Thanks to SEARS members making this possible including Randy Wiggins, Marty Wiggins and Tom MacPherson. The R/C folks put on an excellent show as always. Ft. Rucker flew in a helicopter. This is always a rewarding event. We look forward to next year. You can see more pictures at

Greg Lane S.E.A.R.S. President

Wednesday's Launch

Oct 25th 2008 Webelos Rocket Rally

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

SEARS had the pleasure of supporting the Webelos Rocket Rally on October 25th 2008 at Emerald Coast Skydiving in Elberta, AL.  The October weather was perfect and the Skydiving center has a beautiful field.  There were over sixty Webelos this year, the biggest turn out yet and it could double next year. Russ Roberts and Greg Lane put on two rounds of demo launches. The Webelos launched their Starhawk rockets twice individually and then they did mass launches with the SEARS Mass launcher. We enjoyed the Skydivers between launches. The event was well orchestrated by Richard Gean and his team of leaders. The response to the demos and mass launch was very positive. Of course we plan to return next year.  See all the pictures at

Loading Star Hawks for Mass Launch
Webelos load their rockets for the mass launch


Patterson Elementary Demo & Launch

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Oscar Patterson Elementary in Panama City, FL is a NASA Explorer School. Their 5th Grade classes built Estes Alphas this year. They were launched in mass today at the school with the assistance of John Hansel and Greg Lane of SEARS.  John and Greg also provided a rocketry demo. The 5th Grade is fortunate to be taking a trip to Kennedy Space Center this year. The trip was arranged by Ms. Becky Pelton a Patterson Teacher in cooperation with NASA. Thanks to Ms. Candace Parker for inviting SEARS back for another event.

More pictures are available in the SEARS Gallery.


Pack 124 Bear Cub Scout Launch

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

The Pack 124 Bear Cub Scouts launched their own rockets March 22, 2008 in a field near Headland. 12 Boys built Fliskit Thing-a-ma-jigs and got to fly them twice.(A6-4 and B6-4).  They boys even got to drag races their rockets on the 2nd launch. All rockets were recovered.
I put on a short demo before they launched. 
Estes Quark
Sunward Maverick
Applewhite Scimitar
Estes Executioner
Shuttle Thang.
I will submit their names for the NAR 50,000 event. Thanks to Jim Flis for the easy to build and fly rockets.  We had a couple of rockets come in with tangles chutes, but there was no damage.

More pictures here.

2008 Alabama Aerospace Week at Landmark Park

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

SEARS supported the Alabama Aerospace week at Landmark Park in Dothan, AL Feb 20 - Feb 24. We provided a Newton’s Law talk and rocket demo flights. The activities at Aerospace Week also included a R/C Airplane demos and landing/takeoff by an Apache helicopter. This year, rain starting on Thursday limited the number of demos. Thanks to Jack Kale, Randy Wiggins and Marty Wiggins of SEARS for doing the demos.

See photos below and more in the gallery.

Big crowd

The crowd on the 20th


Volunteers Needed for Alabama Aerospace Week Demos

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

SEARS has done a Newton’s Laws talk and rocket demo for the Alabama Aerospace Week program at Landmark Park near Dothan, AL each year since 1999. The Alabama Aerospace Week program typically involves three or four demos a day over the course of four days. This reaches about 600 young people each year.  This years dates are February 20-23, 2008. 


Webelos Rocket Rally Oct 27 2007

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

SEARS supported this years Webelos Rocket Rally near Elberta, AL.  There were 38 participants. Each Webelo made two individual launches. SEARS flew several demo rockets including an 4 inch AMRAAM on an I211 motor.  We also setup the mass launcher. There were twenty Starhawks in the mass launch.  This is a very enjoyable event at the skydiving center.  Richard Gean has invited us back for next year. There were a number of webelos that remembered last years launch.


SEARS Brochure Available

Saturday, October 13th, 2007

You are welcome to print out the SEARS Tri-fold Brochure for your friends and outreach contacts.


Webelos Rocket Rally

Monday, October 8th, 2007

SEARS will be supporting the Webelos Rocket Rally on October 27th at Emerald Coast Skydiving in Elberta, AL.  Here is a map to 16646 County Road 95, Elberta, AL 36530. We will provide a rocketry demo and setup the mass launcher for their rockets. Cliff and I plan to go. If others want to help out let me know.

Last year SEARS supported the Rocket Ralley event.  It is well organized by Richard Gean the Esca-Rosa Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner.  Here are the pictures from last year. We got a chance to see the skydivers after the event.


Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) is Underway

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

We have prepared a the following pages TARC 2008 ,  Taking on the TARC 2008 Challenge and Getting a Good Start on TARC. for interested teachers, leaders and students. Jack Kale is mentoring a Midland City, AL Civil Air Patrol (CAP) group for TARC. I encourage all SEARS members to use your contacts with teachers, students, and youth groups including scouts and 4-H to see if more teams can be formed before the November 30th deadline. Invite them to the October and November launches in Samson if possible.Thanks for your support!Greg LaneSEARS President